Monday, December 17, 2012

Elf on the shelf week 3

Bob Twinkles is on week 3 of his mischievous tricks!
Day 15:  I think he's trying to climb to the top of our tree!

Day 16: Bob finished decorating our mantel but I think he got a little tangled in the lights!

Day 17: Snowball fights with Bumble Bee! I think Yoda got the worst of it.  Probably trying to stop the fight.

Day 18: Bob brought the kids a magic growing kit.  Wonder what will grow? 

Day 19: OMG!  Our "garden" grew candy canes! Matty could hardly believe his eyes!

Day 20: Bob used our scrabble board to spell holiday words.  He even added all the boys names!
Day 21:  This one got the biggest chuckles so far!  He wrote all over our hall pics with dry eraser!  He turned all the pics into elf's with mustaches!
You can find week 1 here. and week 2 here

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