Thursday, March 28, 2013

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to make craft paper vines

For Drew's Safari party, I wanted to make vines to decorate the house and yard.  It was the perfect way to transform our suburban home into a jungle.  These were super easy and cheap to make and had a huge effect!  I went to the dollar store and picked up a few rolls of craft paper and some plastic plants.  Once I got them home, I cut each roll into thirds so that I could get more vines out of each roll.  This was perhaps the hardest part because the rolls are rather long.  

Once I had all my strips ready, with the help of my son Aaron, we began to twist each roll tightly the entire length. 

This is what each "vine will look like once your done twisting.

  Then I grabbed my plastic plants.  I found the best ones in the Christmas clearance section at Walmart for 10 cents a plant! I cut the leaves off leaving the stems.
Then I got out my trusty hot glue gun and glued the leaves onto my vines making sure I had them all facing the same way and spaced the way a real vine might be.  This is my pile of 9 once I was done. 

I used a few to hang around the entrance and over our backyard play structure but my favorite area was behind the snack area.  I ran out of time but I almost wish I had made more.  They were so great I am saving them and hoping I can reuse them for a future party! 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Miss Piggy Party

Here is another party I did for Erin from Sweet Lolly Designs.  Her daughter was turning 2 and having a Miss Piggy Party for her special day.  I made this custom invite for her:

 Of course this would not be a Sweet Lolly party without an awesome lolly bar!
 I love all the pink and black
 This cake is gorgeous! I love how it matches the invite perfectly!
 These were the very first candy wrappers I ever designed.  I was so happy they came out so great!
 Erin made this pinata!  She did a great job!
 The welcome sign made to match

 The water bottle labels wrapped around glass chic!
The unfortunate end Erin's beautiful pinata came to

Thanks again Erin for letting me share these pics from your Tres Chic Miss Piggy party!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Our Easter Play date 2013

We gathered our friends for an early Easter playdate this weekend and the day was perfection!  It was a beautiful 73 degrees too!  Of course, I decked the house out with printables for the occasion.  Here's the banner:

I saw this idea on pinterest and was obsessed!  Bread shaped like carrots and stuffed with chicken salad.  I had never made bread before but in order to achieve this look, I just had to go for it!  it turned out really well   and I will  for sure be making it again.  It was sooooo yummers!

I'm calling this spring popcorn.  I used purple wilton melts and easter sprinkles to fancy up this delicious snack.

 I reused the bottles from our safari party for this get together too.

 Cupcakes, extra candy and birds nests to snack on.

 Our craft table.  The kids made bunnies and easter eggs.
 My little man eating his lunch

 My little guy Drew making his cheeser face!  :)
 I made this banner out of paint samples from home depot.
 baby brother kisses... so super sweet!
 I had a mold from years and years ago so I decided to make these bunny candies for our guests.

 Bunny Brew...Strawberry Soda really. :)

A closer look at these adorable "carrot" napkins
 E.J. made a couple of these giant peeps to have around the yard