Friday, April 25, 2014

It's our anniversary!!

I opened Lil Party Animals 2 years ago today!!! Exactly 555 sales later I am still so glad I made the decision to do so.  It has been a joy to help every single one of my clients throw amazing shindigs!! To celebrate, I have created a special coupon code good for 25% off! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Drew's Buzz Lightyear Party

For Andrew's 3rd Birthday we planned an out of this world Buzz Lightyear party!  For his invite, I used a picture with plenty of negative space to type in the party info.  I love love LOVE how it came out!

The one thing I for sure wanted to do was make a life sized replica of the box Buzz Lightyear came in for my little Buzz to fit in.  It took awhile to make but I absolutely love it.  And Drewsie loves it too! I'm hoping it will survive the whole summer at least.
All of Drew's friends had a blast!

I can't believe he is blowing out his 3rd candle already.  Still my baby boy.
Of course behind every Buzz is a Sherriff Woody. Matty was happy to fill this role!

Ready for the pinata! 

There were a lot of cute out takes from his invite photo shoot.
I framed these and had them around the house.

The welcome sign.  Gamma quadrent straight ahead. 
Rocket fuel and Infini-TEA.  Haha!
I just love using these glass jars over and over.  They are so pretty.  I think at this point I have every color of the stripey straws.

This sign was hung above where the pizza was. The other planets are big sparkly ornaments I found at hobby lobby in the Christmas clearance section. 
I backed all the banner squares with glittery paper to make them pop even more.
I happened to have this blue material around for some capes I plan on making the littles just for fun.  For now it made the perfect table cover.

I also have tons of lanterns in tons of colors!! These are great for using over and over.
It's hard to see but the cookies are shaped like the letter A for Andrew and the number 3.

These hugs drinks were new to me.  We happened upon them at Sam's club and they were the perfect colors so of course we had to have them!
We had to make this amazing rocket for our little Lightyear.