Friday, April 17, 2015

Pancakes and Pajamas

 Looking for a fun toddler theme? This party was fun and simple for kids big and small!  We didn't even have to get dressed!
 Everyone just gathered around for the birthday girls favorite breakfast...pancakes!!

 The craft was simple... Fruit loop bracelets!  Cute and yummy!

 There was enough struppy sweetness to go around so instead of a cake there was a pile of donut holes!
 The main table was decorated like a bed with comfy pillows for a backdrop.  The favors were also little blankets and pillows the hostess made for all of the kids.

 The game was a pancake toss.  How cute are these little bean bag pancakes made from felt!
 Drew and Natalia saying goodbye at the end of the party.  Cutest little couple ever!