Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tooth Fairy Bear Tutorial

When my older  two sons Nick & Aaron were little I made them tooth fairy bears.  They were made out of felt and had a little pocket on the tummy for them to place their teeth and receive the money the fairy left for them.  Now that Matty is 6, I figured it was time I made him a tooth fairy bear of his own! I took him to Joann's to pick the felt for his bear.  He went with a very pretty teal blue. I was surprised he didn't stick with the traditional browns like his older bros had but I love the way it turned out!! Very rock star just like Matty!
Step 1: cut out 2 teddy bear shapes out of 2 sheets of felt
    Step 2: to make the face, I draw it onto tissue paper first.  Then pin the tissue to the felt bear.  Using embroidery floss I do a satin stitch to "color" inthe corresponding   colors.  And viola! A cute bear face is born!
Step 3: from the scraps left over, I cut out a half circle for the pouch.  I cut a tooth shape from white felt I had and covered it in glitter then sewed it onto the pouch.  Then I sewed the pouch to the bears tummy leaving the top unsewn to make the pocket for the teeth.
Step 4: using the same tissue method, I embroidered  Matty's name onto the bears chest above the pouch.
Step 5: now the the front is complete, it's time to sew the back onto the front stuffing the bear as I went along with cotton.  When I got to the top, I added a strand of ribbon so Matty will be able to hang it on the edge of his bed.  This is particularly  helpful if you have a child in a top bunk!

And there you go! One rock star of a tooth fairy bear for one rock star of a child!! I hope he will cherish this as much as the older boys do! They're teenagers now and their days of baby teeth are well behind them and even so, they keep their bears in their room!