Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pink poodle party!!

Party day has come and gone and what a party it was!!! My friend Sandie held her party at a park. Her colors were pink, black and white. This is the invite I had designed for the party!  I absolutely love this theme!!

I love the way Sandie displayed her cake and cuppies!!! So perfect!  And the banner really added a nice pop of color to the tent!

A silly request from the birthday girl!  Funny!  

I love the way the water labels look on Sandie's tablescape!  

The birthday girl, Valerie getting her face painted! Such a cutie!

Cake time!

Sandie even managed to find a Pink poodle pinata!!! 

Looks like even the presents were pink poodle themed!!

Sandie has a friend that made these cookies for the occasion!  These are actually what I based the invites off of!  
This is the entire package I made for Valerie's Poodle party!  I'm really proud of it and glad Valerie had an awesome party! Many thanks to Sandie for the theme idea and letting me share her pics!!! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The circus is coming to town!

A new day, a new theme!  And yet another party for a friend!  I actually had a circus party for Matty's 3rd and was seriously obsessed (surprise) practically from the day he was born with having a 3 ring circus for his 3rd birthday.  My friend Lisa is having a twist on this traditional theme by making it a rainbow circus!  I made this package just for the occasion:  

and of course picture's from Matty's 3 ring circus! What's a circus without animals?  

The main table complete with tickets and peanuts!

 Matty's banner!  I sure wish I had created the digital version back then.  So much easier to assemble!

 Matty's cake.  I had planned to make adorable clown cupcakes but I was pregnant with my little one and super sick!  So glad they had this one at costco!

I bought a pack of the generic party hats at party city and added the streamers at the top and the circle emblems.

Our attempt to make the entrance of our house look like a big top!  We used dollar store table clothes!

 Pinata from celebrate express!  I added the 3 in the door way.

I used the wheel pasta mixed with some animals shaped pasta I found at Cost Plus to make 3 ring macaroni salad 

Close up of the centerpieces

I used the drink cups i bought from celebrate express for actual peanuts!

Popcorn bags I found at Cost Plus too!

I bought gumballs and Animal crackers for the kids too! The favor boxes are from celebrate express.

Clown nose favors were so much fun! 

I can't wait to see how the new rainbow version comes out! 

UPDATE: While I wait for additional pictures from the rainbow circus, here is a sneak peek! It was amazing!