Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Graduation party mason jar glasses

I saw the idea of these some where awhile back and new they would be perfect for Nick's grad party! Instead of using plain black for the tassels, I decided to make replicas of the tassle that will be on his cap! 
We needed to make 24 and I knew that was more than I could handle on my own so we had a little tassle making party on a Friday night with the boys! Initially I made them using all embroidery floss but then realized I could find jewelry wire in the exact green I need which made making the top ring so much easier!! Once we figured that out the process went much faster. All 24 were done in just a couple of hours while watching a few episodes of Gotham! 
We added the little black tags which I bought at Michael's so that our guests can write their names on them. The lids I found on Amazon! 
I can't wait to finish putting them all together and using them!! I think our guests are going to love them!!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Pancakes and Pajamas

 Looking for a fun toddler theme? This party was fun and simple for kids big and small!  We didn't even have to get dressed!
 Everyone just gathered around for the birthday girls favorite breakfast...pancakes!!

 The craft was simple... Fruit loop bracelets!  Cute and yummy!

 There was enough struppy sweetness to go around so instead of a cake there was a pile of donut holes!
 The main table was decorated like a bed with comfy pillows for a backdrop.  The favors were also little blankets and pillows the hostess made for all of the kids.

 The game was a pancake toss.  How cute are these little bean bag pancakes made from felt!
 Drew and Natalia saying goodbye at the end of the party.  Cutest little couple ever!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Elf on the shelf 2014 part 3

EIt's sad to see this tradition once again winding down for the year. I so look forward to Bob's visits! Sometimes I wish he could stay all year! 
Day 21: Bob is looking very festive in his ugly Christmas sweater! Oh and what is that in his hand? Our Christmas card! I'm glad it arrived in time for him to enjoy it!
Day 22: We ordered pizza the night before after our sons Christmas recital.  Bob ordered some too! I hope he tipped the driver well for coming all the way from the North Pole!
Day 23: Bob brought the kids a photo book with all the things they did last year! This one has actually become a tradition!
Day 24: The littles camped out in the living room to kick of the first night of Christmas vacation.  When they woke up they realized Bob and his friends joined the camp too! Their tents are books with napkins on top. They sat around a firesharing stories all night!
Day 25: Bob dressed our bathroom mirror up with Christmas bows!
Day 26: It's a bird! It's a plane! No, It's Super Bob!!! He is trying to fly with out ceiling fan! Oh and in case you were wondering, we never turned the fan on but gave it a nice manual push so the kids could see him "fly! 

Day 27: Bob and I both hope the kids never grow up! I made his Peter Pan costume using little felt scraps! 
Day 28: It's Christmas eve!! Bob is all set to take the reins to night and help Santa out!
Day 29: Christmas morning.  Time to say goodbye to this special guy!! He really was so much fun! Goodbye Bob Twinkles! See you next year!!

Elf on the shelf 2014 part 2

I can't tell you how amazing it is to see our littles faces light up every morning when they get up to search for Bob Twinkles! 
Day 11: Our oldest son had a few friends sleep over for his birthday.  Clearly Bob wanted in on the fun so he made a sleeping bag out of one of my slipper socks. 
Day 12: Bob is all wrapped up! This isn't exactly what we meant when we asked you to always be present Bob! Silly elf!

Day 13: Drag racing with the Toy Story gang! Go Bob!!

Day 14: Bob brought a cute window cling for the boys to play with!
Day 15: we had a big storm hit California on this day so it's a good thing Bob and Spidey were well prepared! 
Day 16: Bob brought us a gingerbread village! So far he has brought us one every year!
Day 17: it was a warning day.  Bob was not happy that the littles room was a mess! 
Day 18: Bob decorated our tree with candy canes from his shop in the North Pole!
Day 19: We found Bob hanging out in our gingerbread village!
Day 20: We found Bob trying to hide in this reindeer disquise! Him and his reindeer games!! 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Elf on the shelf 2014

Ok so I'm a little late posting these but let me tell you, they will be well worth the wait!!
Day 1: Bob returned with a bang this year.  He was in the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade!! 
Day 2: he brought the littles official elf jammies from the North Pole!
Day 3: Hot air balloon rides!! He made it using a plastic cup, lantern and ribbon. Bob is so creative!
Day 4: sunday football in his own little chair! I just love his jersey!!
Day 5: Bob brought us a tiny magic snowman that grows in water! It was so fun to watch it get bigger each day!
Day 6: Bob built this amazing cup pyramid with cups!! Amazing!
Day 7: Our oldest son turned 18! So Bob was hanging out on Nicks bed complete with hat and blower.  Looks like he's ready to party!
Day 8: Bob made me a shopping list.  He sure does love sugar.
Day 9: Bob on safari! He must have seen pics from our safari party!
Day 10: Bob found the rare Frozen disks for Disney Infinity so that the boys can make a winter wonderland in the game!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Card wreath

This was a super easy, quick and even better cheap craft!! I bought a quilters ring at Joanns Fabric Store for $1.99.  It actually came with 2 rings. I only used the inside ring so technically you could use the other ring to make a second wreath as a present.  Just a thought!

I started by painting my ring red. I used chalk paint but you could use acrylic.
Then I hot glued the clothes pins to the ring and covered them woth washi tape!!! And that's it!! Easy peesy!!