Saturday, January 23, 2016

DIY Lego piñata take 2!!

Drew is turning 5 next week and we are having a Lego party!!! I was excited to make him a Lego brick pinata. I made one once before for my friends party but I think this one was way better! 

What you will need:
*1 box (I used a baby wipes box snagged from a friend with a newborn)
*Mod Podge glue
*A paint brush
*Streamer in whichever color you like
*Hot glue gun
*4-6 juice tops to use for the pegs
*sturdy twine or a zip tie to hang it with

Step 1: I cut a slit at the top and slipped a length of twine on the top to make a loop for hanging the pinata. I also used tape to seal any open ends of the box at this point. PS. I sent my husband to the dollar store with a shopping list that included twine, duct tape and zip ties and then realized that maybe that didn't sound like such a great idea. Haha!!! 😂 They were out of zip ties so we used twine. 

Step 2: Paint on a thin layer of Mod Podge and adhere the streamer to the box. Keep wrapping around and around slightly layering over the previous row as you go until it is completely covered.  I had to go over so areas twice to cover the words underneath.  

Step 3: I searched through my entire house until I found the perfect object to use for the pegs. Last time I used paper towel rolls. That worked ok but then I found these...Juice tops!!! These are the tops found on Simply Orange Juice and Gold Peak Tea. They are the exact size I was looking for!!! 😊

Step 4: I payed out the pegs to see where they would be placed.  Then I wrapped them with crepe paper so they would match. I used Mod Podge for this too. I printed and cut out Drew's name and the number 5 to glue to the tops.
Step 5: I hot glued the pegs in place. I love the way this looks so much! So happy with the way it turned out!