Sunday, December 9, 2012

Elf on the shelf week 2

Hard to believe we are already on our second week with Bob Twinkles!!  It's so fun to see Matty's face light up when he spots his new hiding place every morning!  Even Andrew is starting to get excited when he sees him!
Day 8: Looks like Bob has finally made some buddies in the house!  He's decided to have a game night with the guys!

Day 9: My oldest son had a sleepover last night and Bob crashed! Those s'mores sure look yummy!

Day 10: Last night Bob had a little plastic surgery.  I added wire to his limbs to make him bendy.  Looks like he was testing out his new skills by hanging upside down on our curtain rod.

Day 11: So sweet!  He's reading a book to some of the younger toys!

Day 12: Pretty proud of this one!  Bob has decided to make Barbosa walk the plank for being on the naughty list!

Day 13:  Oh oh!  There was a little too much whining and mess yesterday so Bob had to turn in a bad report to Santa. 

Day 14:  Bob's note from yesterday really worked!  Littles were on there best behavior yesterday! Bob is back to being silly!  He got into the sugary sweets.

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