Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Graduation party mason jar glasses

I saw the idea of these some where awhile back and new they would be perfect for Nick's grad party! Instead of using plain black for the tassels, I decided to make replicas of the tassle that will be on his cap! 
We needed to make 24 and I knew that was more than I could handle on my own so we had a little tassle making party on a Friday night with the boys! Initially I made them using all embroidery floss but then realized I could find jewelry wire in the exact green I need which made making the top ring so much easier!! Once we figured that out the process went much faster. All 24 were done in just a couple of hours while watching a few episodes of Gotham! 
We added the little black tags which I bought at Michael's so that our guests can write their names on them. The lids I found on Amazon! 
I can't wait to finish putting them all together and using them!! I think our guests are going to love them!!!