Thursday, December 27, 2012

Elf on the shelf week 4

This is our last week with Bob Twinkles. 😔 I am so going to miss watching Matty's face light up every morning as he tries to figure out what Bob is up to!

Day 28: Our baby had a run in with an evil stocking holder and we ended up in urgent care this day so this one is kinda boring. LOL! Sitting in Frosty's lap!
Day 23: Date night with Strawberry Shortcake. Looks like they watched elf and Christmas vacation!

Day 24: Bob spent HOURS cutting out paper snowflakes to decorate the window with.  This picture doesn't show the half of them! And boy was there a mess of clippings everywhere. 

Day 25: He switched our stockings with Matty's underwear!  Everyone thought this was the best yet...except Matty.  He insists underwear are NOT funny!

Day 26: Another tired night.  He popped up in Matty's lamp with a Hershey's kiss.

Day 27: OMG!  Only 5 days till Christmas!  Thanks for the heads up Bob!

Day 28:  Bob left all the stuff we needed to make dessert...gingerbread Christmas trees! Fun, fast and oh so yummy! (Ice cream cones turned upside down then covered in green frosting and candy!)

Day 29: The Dark elf rises! So of course we couldn't just go with the average zipline scenario.  I had to step it up with the batman costume.  the mask took forever because I couldn't get the eye holes to line up!  Well worth it for the reaction it got that morning! It even impressed the teens!

Day 30:  Bob brought elf donuts and real donuts for the family.  I need to post a close up of the box he's holding.  It even had a logo that read "Bob's magically delicious donut company"

Day 31:  Today is the day we must say goodbye to Bob.  He left a sweet goodbye note for the boys and report cards for each of them.  thank goodness they all made the nice list.  Some barely but hey...I'll take what I can get!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas class treats!!

I made these super cute reindeer food packs for Matty to hand out to his Kindergarten class for christmas!! It's a mix of oatmeal and glitter that attracts reindeer to the children's homes! I made the labels with a cute little poem and attached them to the baggies with staples!!

Santa Sunday Party!

Our good friends, the Mallory's, had their second annual Santa Sunday party this past Sunday!  Such a good idea!  This year I was thrilled to help out by designing the printables!  Here are just a few of the pics from the party!
These were the first cup cozies I have ever designed! 

 Jen set out an ornament designing table for the kiddos!

Fast and easy teacher presents!!

It's time again for handing out teacher presents for Christmas. With 3 kids at 3 different schools, I'm always looking for fast, easy and frugal gifts to show our appreciation. It doesn't get easier, faster or cheaper than this! I used toilet paper rolls covered in wrapping paper I found at the dollar store. I stuffed those with a little tissue paper and hershey's kisses. The I wrapped them in cellophane I had left over from the tea cups I made at the end of last year. I found that at the dollar store too!!
A little curling ribbon at each end and a cute little tag and there you have it! 8 adorable teachers gifts for under $5 and less than 30 minutes!! You can't beat that! Happy holidays!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Elf on the shelf week 3

Bob Twinkles is on week 3 of his mischievous tricks!
Day 15:  I think he's trying to climb to the top of our tree!

Day 16: Bob finished decorating our mantel but I think he got a little tangled in the lights!

Day 17: Snowball fights with Bumble Bee! I think Yoda got the worst of it.  Probably trying to stop the fight.

Day 18: Bob brought the kids a magic growing kit.  Wonder what will grow? 

Day 19: OMG!  Our "garden" grew candy canes! Matty could hardly believe his eyes!

Day 20: Bob used our scrabble board to spell holiday words.  He even added all the boys names!
Day 21:  This one got the biggest chuckles so far!  He wrote all over our hall pics with dry eraser!  He turned all the pics into elf's with mustaches!
You can find week 1 here. and week 2 here

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Elf on the shelf week 2

Hard to believe we are already on our second week with Bob Twinkles!!  It's so fun to see Matty's face light up when he spots his new hiding place every morning!  Even Andrew is starting to get excited when he sees him!
Day 8: Looks like Bob has finally made some buddies in the house!  He's decided to have a game night with the guys!

Day 9: My oldest son had a sleepover last night and Bob crashed! Those s'mores sure look yummy!

Day 10: Last night Bob had a little plastic surgery.  I added wire to his limbs to make him bendy.  Looks like he was testing out his new skills by hanging upside down on our curtain rod.

Day 11: So sweet!  He's reading a book to some of the younger toys!

Day 12: Pretty proud of this one!  Bob has decided to make Barbosa walk the plank for being on the naughty list!

Day 13:  Oh oh!  There was a little too much whining and mess yesterday so Bob had to turn in a bad report to Santa. 

Day 14:  Bob's note from yesterday really worked!  Littles were on there best behavior yesterday! Bob is back to being silly!  He got into the sugary sweets.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Elf on the shelf Week 1

We have started the elf on the shelf tradition this year! My 5 year old Matty named him Bob Twinkles. Since his arrival, he has been up to some silly shenanigans!

Day 1: Bob arrived with a special message written out in cheerios!

Day 2: Bob managed to get one of Drew's toy cars up onto our mantle and ride it.

Day 3: Bob Twinkles had to go tinkles!

Day4: Bob colored a page out of Matty's christmas coloring book.

Day 5: Even Bob wants to play angry birds.
Day 6: Snow much fun! Bob must have been home sick because he made snow angels and a snow man all over the kitchen counter! What a mess!

Day 7: How sweet!  Bob brought Matty a little craft from the north pole for him to color.  I think it's a self portrait!

You can see Bob's week 2 mischief here:

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Xbox maniac

My oldest son is turning 16 next month and we racked our brains trying to think of the perfect way to celebrate this milestone. He recently got a new xbox and is completely into assassin's creed. He was even the lead character for halloween! And yes, my super awesome mom and I made his costume from scratch! So we decided the perfect bash for him would have to be xbox related in some way! And what better invite than the cover of the game?! I took a picture of him from halloween in a pose similar to the guy on the cover and built him his very own video game cover!! He even has his own rating...notice it's rated by EJVS (my husband and my initials) I can't wait to hear what his friends have to say when he hands them out!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lego Pinata!

 Of course every party must have a pinata and I was extra excited for this one because it was the first I ever got to help make from scratch!  I have painted other's and transformed them from one thing to another but this one started out as a diaper box! 
Additional supplies you'll need:
*Glue (glue sticks worked best.  We started with regular glue but it created too many bubbles in the paper)
*Tissue paper
*a zip fastener to hang it with.
*2 paper towel rolls 
*1 piece of coordinating construction paper or cardstock .

First we stabbed holes in the box to create air so that it would be easier to break.  Then we cover the box with blue tissue paper to cover the print so it wouldn't show through the streamer.  In retrospect, it probably would have been a good idea to paint the box because once it was being clobbered, the huggies red was showing. I don't think the kids even noticed though!  Then we cut strips of streamer to cover the entire top and sides of the  box leaving only the bottom center gap exposed so it could be filled.  That was later covered with another strip of tape and then streamer.

I forgot to take pictures of the peg making but basically, we took a paper towel roll and cut it into 6 equal pieces.  Those were wrapped with streamer and then hot glued to the box.  We covered the exposed openings with blue cardstock circles and then covered those with more streamer paper.  The zip fastener was added last.  
Isn't it cute? It was a shame to see it smashed but we were surprised to see it wasn't as hard as we expected it would be to bust.  It must have made it through at least 10 kids before meeting it's end! :) 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall fun!!

My hubby and I went a little crazy on the pumpkins this year. We had so many, we thought it would be cute to turn our backyard into a mini patch for the morning and let the kids decide which they would carve later that day. It was adorable to see them so excited! My 20 month old was squealing with happiness although he thought they were all giant apples! Later we made a super cute handprint spider craft with the 2 little ones and carved pumpkins while we watched monsters ink! We had mummy dogs and carmel stuffed apple cider cookies for lunch. It was a perfect fall day!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween treat toppers

My little boy started Kindergarten last month! With Halloween fast approaching, I tried to come up with a new goody he could hand out to all his new friends for halloween. I made these goody bag toppers to attach to some Wilton bags filled with candy or cheese balls! Originally they said "pumpkin poop" but my hubby wasn't loving it! They really could say anything though! I made them to match my Halloween collection and I think they are so cute!!