Saturday, December 8, 2012

Elf on the shelf Week 1

We have started the elf on the shelf tradition this year! My 5 year old Matty named him Bob Twinkles. Since his arrival, he has been up to some silly shenanigans!

Day 1: Bob arrived with a special message written out in cheerios!

Day 2: Bob managed to get one of Drew's toy cars up onto our mantle and ride it.

Day 3: Bob Twinkles had to go tinkles!

Day4: Bob colored a page out of Matty's christmas coloring book.

Day 5: Even Bob wants to play angry birds.
Day 6: Snow much fun! Bob must have been home sick because he made snow angels and a snow man all over the kitchen counter! What a mess!

Day 7: How sweet!  Bob brought Matty a little craft from the north pole for him to color.  I think it's a self portrait!

You can see Bob's week 2 mischief here:

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