Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hollywood Baby Shower Wrap-Up!

I hacked into Veronica's blog so I could tell you more about the shower! This was such a fun party to put together! I absolutely loved how it all came together...and more importantly Mommy-to-be loved it too!

Morgan, the Mommy-to-be loves hollywood so the shower theme was obvious! She's expecting a boy so we rolled out the blue carpet...literally! Adding blue to the glitzy gold, red, and black made for a perfect glam blend.

I have to admit...I'm addicted to Pinterest. So some of the party decorations may look familiar. I did find some of the ideas there...but I created some of them myself! And, I bought most of the supplies at the dollar store!

1. Backdrop: A DIY Photo booth & Backdrop made out of PVC pipes! My dear friend Gina at Thrift Town created this a few months back for Good Day Sacramento. It's super easy to put together. I've used it for so many parties!
  To cover it up--plastic tablecloths from the dollar store, taped to the ribbon to gather the red "curtains"...the gold tassles were a fun and cheap embellishment I picked up -- for less than $2 each -- at Joann's.

2. Hollywood Star: this is one of my favorite pieces! I wanted this to be BIG...really BIG so I used the cricut to cut 5 different triangles -- in shiny blue and gold -- then put them together to create the star. I used an extra piece of blue to fill in the middle. The letters and baby image came from the cricut too. I glued the star to black poster board from the dollar store then tied it to the PVC pipe using ribbon.

3. Red Ropes: I wanted red sanctions to line my blue carpet, but they are so expensive! For weeks I searched for a way to do it myself and found nothing. Then one day as I'm walking through the patio I glance over and see a pool noodle on the table -- BAM! It hit me -- pool noodles covered with red table clothes!
I bought noodles and table cloths at the dollar store. I threaded gold string (joann's) through the noodle to hang to tie to the PVC pipe. For the ropes outside -- I randomly found shepherd hooks on clearance at Joann's for $1.80!! I bought 4 and used those on the front walkway. Blue carpet = felt...$2/yd at Joann's.

This table turned out FABULOUS!! I was so happy with it! My dear friends Lisa and Lori did such an awesome job putting it all together! I made all the pieces...but they put the puzzle together!

1. DIRECTOR SLATE: this was super easy -- black poster board from the dollar store and white duct tape! I used the cricut to cut out the letters and chalk for the written details.

2. MOVIE CAMERA: I taped black scrapbook paper to a wipes box and spray-painted a styrofoam piece from the dollar store for the lens. For the the movie reels -- 2 styrofoam wreaths from the dollar store,  covered with blue and black scrapbook paper, blue duct tape around the wreath . I used the cricut to cut the circles in black paper and make a gold star for the side.

3. MARQUEE LETTER 'C'...IN HONOR OF BABY CRUZ: I saw this all over pinterest! I really wanted to use lights, but opted for the less expensive DIY from Fiskars.

4. DIAPER REELS: Instead of a cake...a diaper reel! I rolled up the diapers and held them together with a rubberband. I used 2 bags of newborn diapers for all 3 reels. I wrapped blue duct tape around the diapers...then taped blue and black scrapbook paper to the top and bottom. Again, I used my cricut to make all the circles.

5. CHANDELIER: Loved how this turned out! Super easy and cheap! Dollar store hula hoop spray painted gold and hung stars with string! I bought some of the stars at the dollar store...I also made some using the cricut ...just to give it a little variety! I strung the stars like garland...I hole punched the top and bottom of the stars ...threaded the gold string and tied it to the hula hoop.

6. BABY BOTTLE OSCARS: Veronica actually saw this on pinterest! I love it!! Super cute and easy!
My daughter is past the bottle so I found 4 old bottles, spray-painted them gold then hot-glued them to a small circular styrofoam...spray-painted black.

I do all my printable shopping at Lil' Party Animals . Veronica did such an awesome job with all the labels and signage! I love the glitzy SWAG sign!

This was a summer shower and on this particular day temperatures hit 100+ degrees so we wanted food to be easy but fun and filling! My friend Lori suggested salads -- brilliant! We made 5 different salads and put them in jars -- as seen on Pinterest -- and it was a total hit!

I think that's it! This shower was a success because of my awesomely creative team -- Team Cray Cray. Thank you!
Thank you for letting me share!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Pirate Party Prep LIVE on Good Day Sacramento

As the live truck pulled up in front of our house this morning at 5 am  (yes, that's right 5 AM!), we got more and more pumped up about Matty's pirate paaaarrrty!  He picked this theme last July while the decorations were still up from the Seuss party! Don't know where he gets that from? ;)   I spent the last year gathering pirate goodies and stashing them away for this day.  Christmas rolls of wrapping paper from the dollar store, pirate themed Easter buckets I found on clearance for $2, you name it!  If they sold it and I saw it, I had to have it!   Here are the clips from this mornings Good Day segments so you can see for yourselves:  Good Day Segment 1

and the big reveal.....Good Day segment 5

So much fun but so early!  And of course all the printables are available in my etsy shop!