Monday, July 9, 2012

Truffula tree tutorial


My seuss party was yesterday!! I had a blast creating the most amazing seuss party ever!! Along with a ton of my sons favorite characters, we made several truffulla trees to put around the yard.  To make these tree's, you need to start out with a pool noodle, white duct tape, 8 sheets of tissue paper, scissors and floral wire.  I started out by wrapping the pool noodle with white duct tapes to create the stripes just like the ones from the Lorax movie.  I made my tree's lots of different colors as opposed to the yellow trunks from the story so the yard would pop with color!

Once all my truncks were wrapped, I moved onto the tops of the trees.  Again, I used a variety of colors. I did some all 1 color and sone striped. To make the stripped ones, altranate colors when laying out your sheets of tissue. Make sure you use at least 8 sheets of tissue for each pom pom top. Otherwise it won't be fluffy enough when you seperate the layers.  Once you have layered your 8 sheets of tissue, fold it accordian style with each fold being about an inch wide. Once you have finished your folding, making sure to crease very well, tie your floral wire around the center of the pompom.
Your next step is to carefully start to seperate each layer to fluff out your pom pom.  The tissue is very delicate so make sure you work slowly so the tissue doesn't rip.  I learned this the hard way.

Once your pom poms are complete you need to attach them to the trunks.  This was a bit trickier than I had anticipated.  I went back to where my twisted wire was and used duct tape to secure it down to the noodle top.  You could also use hot glue. To set them up outside, we used garden stakes bought at Home Depot.  We hammered them into the dirt and then slipped the noodle over them!  They were so cute and a huge hit at the party!

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