Friday, July 27, 2012

Matty's Seusstacular 5th birthday!

I have been planning this party for my little guy for months!!!  I was literally ob-seussed! Back in February or March when it was reading across america month, I literally cleared the shelves at Michael's and anywhere else that had Seuss products! I was so happy when the big day arrived at it all came together perfectly!  These are the invites I obsessed over (obviously I editted out my personal info):

And the wreath from the previous tutorial!  Yes, I ended up adding the seuss stickers after all!  Our guests gushed over it and now I am absolutely addicted to wreaths!  Clearly i have an addictive personality! ;)

My Birthday boy The Matt in the Hat!  I made his shirt the night before and it came out so cute!
 I used my old falling apart copy of the cat in the hat for a banner!  It gave his life for a good cause and looked amazing!

Matty's favorite Seuss book is Hop on Pop.  it was the first he could read cover to cover and his absolute favorite part is the fish in a tree so we took 2 foam poster boards and made a huge exagerated version!  You can't see but, yes there were paper fish in the tree!

We made the cake from the cat in the hat!  It actually baked perfectly and it was a shape to have to make it lopsided but how cute is this! 

The centerpieces I upcycled from Matty's circus party.  They were plastic popcorn holders.  I covered the word popcorn with ribbon and stickers and filled it with seuss pinwheels.

I bought red favor bags from the dollar store and Matty added stripes to them to seuss them a bit! I bought a bunch of seuss craft sets to keep the kiddies busy but they never even touched them!  They were having too much fun!

Thing 1 and 2 cupcakes!  It was 102 degrees this day and the "hair" lasted about 10 minutes maybe.  They melted so fast!  Cute while it lasted though!

The snack table!  Always a huge hit!  I had 1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, GOLDFISH, chocolate pretzel green eggs and ham...

Dipped marshmallow "truffulla tree-ts"

Hop on Pop-corn, and caramel yertle the turtles!
 The backyard all decked out!  The hubby took the week before off just to help me make all of Matty's favorite characters and all the truffula trees! 
 The wind didn't let the centerpieces stay up but it was still super cute!

 Pink ink drink (Pink lemonaid)  I also had blue beezelnut splash but didn't catch a pic of it!

 My baby Andrew and his girlfriend made the perfect things 1 and 2!  Yes, I made the shirts! :)


 Matty's pinata I ordered from

 The things sharing a snack!

His water bottle labels.  I forgot to take a picture of the tub full of them so I had to gather the few left!


Pasta salad in the perfect bowl I snatched from my friends 4th of July party!

I didn't get a good picture but at the entrance, I had a copy of Dr. Seuss' Happy birthday to you book with a special insert with a poem my older son wrote and a picture of Matty.  I had everyone sign it for him to keep from his special day!  They used a pink feathery horton pen of course! ;)

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  1. I absolutely love it!! You are so very artistic with everything you do, and you are a perfectionist as well. I am so grateful I found you and you have done wonders creating everything I need for my growing business. I wish you weren't so far away and could theme out my party for me in August.

    Kelly - Florida