Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ribbon wreath tutorial

For Matty's Matt in the hat Seusstacular 5th birthday, I wanted to make this awesome ribbon wreath I saw on pinterest! It was so cute and perfect! I started out with a 16 inch foam form I got at at Michaels and a ton of ribbon ( some from the dollar store, Michael's, Joanns and what I had around the house) I also had to use stick pins. I cut the ribbon into approximately 4 inch pieces. Then started sticking them into the form 1 piece at a time making sure not to lay 2 of the same ribbon over each other and also that each layer fell nicely over the last. It was tedious work but very easy! When I was done, I attached the sign I made to the center just like I had for Aaron's wreath! It looks adorable! I took this picture from inside the house since the party isn't until next week so I apologize for the lighting! I'm contemplating adding some seuss stickers I bought for the party but haven't decided whether I will or not. You'll just have to stop by again to find out!!