Friday, June 1, 2012

Marshmallow pop tutorial

In preparation of my son's party, I'm making marshmallow pops! They're just as cute as cake pops but so much easier to make!
Supplies you need:
*marshmallows! The big ones!
*Wilton candy melts. They come in all kinds of great colors so your sure to find them in your party colors! I bought mine at Joann's. Michael's carries them too and they have different colors than Joann's. Go figure.
*Wilton cookie pop sticks. Again, pick those up at Joann's, Michael's or even Walmart!
*wax paper
*sprinkles for decorating the pops

First lay down a sheet of wax paper on to your work space. Place your desired amount of mallows onto the sheet. Next your going to want to melt your candy. Follow the directions on the package. I melted these in the microwave for only 1 minute. Keep in mind all microwaves are different! Make sure you stir the candy after to a smooth consistency.
Now your going to take your pop sticks and dip just the very tip into the melts and then push that tip into the mallow. This will keep them from falling off the stick when you dip them!
Now your ready to start dipping! Make sure you roll them around in the candy till completely covered. I tapped the excess off. Now comes the fun part! Bring on the sprinkles! You wanna put them on before the candy hardens! I do 1 at a time. Dip, sprinkle, place on wax, and then do the next one! Once you have completed all your mallows, put them in the fridge to harden

How cute are these?!  I'm making a super cute..and cheap stand for them too!  Check back soon for that tutorial!

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