Friday, June 8, 2012

Little Lady dress up party!

As I was creating the little man collection a few months back, I thought about the possibilities of a little lady line.  I googled and searched and came up short.  I couldn't believe no one had thought of this before!  What little girl doesn't love to put on her mommy's heels and hats and play dress up with her friends?  I know it was one of my favorite things to do!  This is what inspired my little lady collection. 

I only have boys, but I imagined this wonderful whimsical tea party with little girls dressed up in big hats and oversized dresses.  Strings of "pearls', gloves and heels sitting waiting for their miniature sandwiches to be served with tea or lemonaid. The best part is most of the decorations are most likely sitting in your closet or at your local thrift store! It's days like this I wish I had a little girl! :)

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