Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween jack-o-lantern lollipop tutorial!!!

I'm still working on my class treats for the little's Halloween parties but wanted to take a moment to make a tutorial in case any of you would like to make these for your kiddos!!! This one is for the pumpkins.  The tutorial for the eyeballs is in the previous post found here:

For Materials you'll need:
orange tissue paper (I found a pack of all orange at Walmart for .99 cents!)
Avery reinforcement stickers found in the stationary section, also at Walmart
lollipops (side note: I bought tootsie pops because of their size and they were perfect for the eyeballs but I think if I were to make these again I would use blow pops. The bottom of the wrapper is problematic to my perfectionism 🙈)
floral tape- I already had this but I believe they would carry it at Walmart too. Check the floral department. 

Step 1: Cut your orange tissue into pieces. Again, no art to this. Just make sure it covers the lollipop and has a little for the stem.  Cut a little slit in the center. I doubled up to cover the wrapper.  On the outside piece place your reinforcement sticker around the hole you made. This will keep the tissue from tearing when you push the pop through.
Step 2: push your pop through and then gather the tissue upward.
Step 3: take the remaining tissue at the top at twist it so that the head of your jack-o-lantern is snug. This is also the base of your stem. 
Step 4: wrap your stem with green floral tape. It's sticky and really easy to work with! Also in this picture you can see that I covered the bottom of the wrapper that was showing with some orange washi tape I had. 
Step 5: the last thing you need to do is draw a cute face on! I used a sharpie. 
Optional: I added a cute little tag to them! Andrew is super excited to give them out on Friday! Especially since it's his first year of school! 😊
Happy Halloween! 🎃

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