Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Matty's Rock Star Party!

My son Matty was born humming and has always had a beat in his little head so when his 4th birthday was coming up we thought what better way to celebrate than with a rockstar party!  So we literally rolled out the red carpet for the little guy! 
 I made this invite to match the colors of the rockstar party set sold by celebrationexpress.com  You can't have a great party without a great invite right?
Backstage passes for all the kids!!! So A-list!
          My little rockstar checking out his red carpet entrance.
  Custom banner that said ROCK ON MATTY!
   A basket with all the glitz a little rockstar would need!
 This is what the backstage passes ended up looking like when complete!  They were the talk of the party!!!
        We hung pictures of Matty taken over the last 4 years with him and various instruments.
 The fabulous cupcake display!  I created the logos for the cupcake toppers to match the other party goods!
        Umm, swag bags?  YES PLEASE!
 An instrument center where the kids could decorate their own paper plate tamborines and tp maracas.
                       Rockstars love tattoos and so we had a tattoo parlor for them!  rub ons of course! ;)
 This cake was truly a labor of love.  My husband and I stayed up till midnight the night before to make sure it was perfect!

     Guitar smashing! Pinata bought from celebration express
                           The thank you note to match the invite!  No party is complete without it!

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