Tuesday, May 8, 2018

DIY matching family shirts for Disneyland!!!

Last summer our family went to Disneyland for our family trip! I wanted us to all have matching shirts so of course I made us some!! Since there is such a big span in ages of our 4 kids I decided to make them just a little bit different and add a little personality to each.  I bought us all red shirts at Walmart for less than $4 each!

 Joann's sells a ton of different character fabrics for easy personalization or you can use a pattern if you prefer.  My oldest son really wanted to have Star Wars so I found this really cool small print black and white print that worked perfectly! Some of the other fabrics I used I had as scraps from other sewing projects. I stayed in the black and white scheme for the heads. For the little kids and Dad we went with Pirates. We went the weekend that the final Pirates of the Caribbean came out so it was fitting! Of course since I'm the only girl mine had to be a sassy Minnie design. :)

I started out by picking out which fabrics to make the heads out of. I printed out this Mickey head and then traced it onto iron on fusing you can find on Amazon here: Thermoweb Heat and Bond
Then cut out each head, Iron it down in place so that it doesn't move around while you stitch around the edges for a finished look. Then I added any extra details. The heat Bond is strong enough to hold without sewing it but will eventually start to fall off after a few washes.  If you stich it down it will last forever!

 I used White Heat Transfer Vinyl I purchased from Happy Crafters here . I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the letters. Remember to Mirror your images BEFORE YOU CUT! Then I used a standard iron to apply the names to our shirts.

 We loved wearing our shirts for our amazing trip! The best part was whenever one of the characters at Disney would walk up to our kids they would address them by name! My little ones were blown away that some of their favorite characters, like Peter Pan would come and start a conversation like they were old friends! It really was the best!

We had so many people ask where we got our shirts and it was so fun to say "I made them!" Fancy Vacay shirts for a fractions of what they would have cost me.  I spent less than $25 for all 6 shirts!

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