Monday, April 16, 2018

Nick's high school graduation party 2015

Our first born son graduated from high school last year! So of course we had to throw him a party! 😉 I had a lot of fun planning it and even more fun celebrating with our friends! Of course we had to start with the invite. I already had this in my shop, loved it so decided we would go ahead and use it! It is one of my biggest sellers in the spring! 

The favors were an obsession of mine!! First of all we had to find 25 glass baby jars which was not easy. My cousin totally came through for us and gathered them from friends. We washed them, took the labels off and all the sticky glue. 

I made a card box for him and wanted it to look like his cap.  It is now a memory box with little things from his senior year, grad night & party. I had everyone sign a copy of the Seuss book Oh the places you'll go.
We had a lot of guests and it was a very hot day. 105 degrees!!!! So we rented tables with umbrellas for shade. We have a big back yard so it worked out perfect!

My hubby hung lanterns everywhere!!! 😊
Nick and his cake table. Behind it I hung all of his school pictures from preschool to graduation.
We made superlative labels for our guests to fill out and either put on as name tags or on their cups.  Some of the answers were hilarious but I didn't get many pictures. :(
We made these superlatives labels users could fill in. 
I made these labels for the favors and centerpieces.

These were wooden numbers I picked up at Walmart and covered with cardstock.
Even the drinks had tassels!! We used mason jars for glasses.

The cake was from Sam's club!! 
The centerpieces were old spaghetti jars I painted with chalk paint to use as vases. 

I used his diploma and awards as decorations for the mantle.  The tassel garland I made out of plastic table clothes.

Also on each table and around the party were different poses from his senior portrait sitting.

Highlights of the decor.  The best part is the college he is now attending has the exact same school colors so I can save everything and repurpose it in the future!!

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  1. Oh my god! This is outstanding! I never thought of celebrating graduation parties like this. My elder daughter will be graduating this year and I guess I need to book an event space Atlanta for the celebration. I am in love with everything that is shared here. Congratulations nick!