Monday, December 22, 2014

Elf on the shelf 2014 part 2

I can't tell you how amazing it is to see our littles faces light up every morning when they get up to search for Bob Twinkles! 
Day 11: Our oldest son had a few friends sleep over for his birthday.  Clearly Bob wanted in on the fun so he made a sleeping bag out of one of my slipper socks. 
Day 12: Bob is all wrapped up! This isn't exactly what we meant when we asked you to always be present Bob! Silly elf!

Day 13: Drag racing with the Toy Story gang! Go Bob!!

Day 14: Bob brought a cute window cling for the boys to play with!
Day 15: we had a big storm hit California on this day so it's a good thing Bob and Spidey were well prepared! 
Day 16: Bob brought us a gingerbread village! So far he has brought us one every year!
Day 17: it was a warning day.  Bob was not happy that the littles room was a mess! 
Day 18: Bob decorated our tree with candy canes from his shop in the North Pole!
Day 19: We found Bob hanging out in our gingerbread village!
Day 20: We found Bob trying to hide in this reindeer disquise! Him and his reindeer games!! 

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