Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of School 2014

My kids like many others across the nation started school today! I miss him like crazy but well they were gone this really awesome treat for them! With the help of my three-year-old we baked cupcakes and then made these super easy toppers out of fondant.  

They were really easy. First I rolled out the white fondant and then used a circle cookie-cutter to cut out circles.  I used the Wilton's decorator Preferred brand box.  You can find it at Michael's or Joann's for around $7 and use a 40% coupon. I've also seen it at Walmart.  The box looks small but goes a long way! I still have some left over for a future project!

  Then with food writer food coloring pens I made the blue lines then the red lines and then personalize them with the black marker.  I learned this little tip the hard way... Make sure you hold the pin straight up and not at an angle like you normally write. The ink bleeds that way as you can see in the top right circle.  It doesn't look terrible but it is definetely not the best either. 
To stick them to the cupcakes first I put a little frosting on the cupcakes (that's the glue) and then just popped the toppers right on top! Done!! Could not be easier!

For the apple ones, I just used red frosting, a pretzel stick for the stem and a sour candy Strip I cut into leaf shapes! The boys loved them!! And because it's also my hubby's bday, there was a special one for him. 
But even cuter than these cupcakes are my little sweethearts! 2nd grade, freshman and a senior! Baby is still home with me but I made him a sign too so he won't feel left out! :)

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