Saturday, April 5, 2014

Matty's pirate paaaarty!

I just realized I never posted pics from Matty's pirate party this past July! It was one of the funnest parties we've ever thrown!  It was a hot July day so I made sure to have plenty of black "canon ball" water balloons on hand.

EJ decked out the kids play structure to look like a pirate ship complete with these canons made from pipes.
Matty and his friend Jacob have been friends since they were babies.
Matty and his daddy EJ.
We made him this cake for him to blow out his candles.  I wanted it to look like the ocean.
Our swashbuckler Andrew
The cute banner we made available in my shop.

I cover a bunch of blow pops with scraps of fabric to simulate pirate caps.
The snack area
The pirate mast we built for the favor table out back.
We had hooks, hats and eye patches for all the kids to help them get into ye spirit of the seven seas.

Of course we had to dress up the enterance too! Gold nuggets made the perfect little treat too!
I was able to reuse the burlap from our safari party for these table runners.

Captain Matty's pirate ship.
All scally wag guests who become unrully shall walk ye plank!

Dead mans chest in the Island out back
The bubble station is always a hit with the toddler crowd.
Our drink station complete with Captains brew (7up and pineapple juice)

Sea waters...
No party would be complete without my trademark snack table.

We decked out the boys play structure to look more like a ship complete with cannons.

For games we played canon ball toss with water balloons

And then had a treasure hunt

And of course the pinata

X marked the spot at the entrance of the party

A map of Matty's island was in the ship to help our little pirates navigate the 7 seas.

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