Sunday, December 1, 2013

Elf on the shelf 2013 week 1

We are so excited to have Bob Twinkles back in our home! On day one he brought us a North Pole breakfast to celebrate his return.  He even brought all the kids Christmas cups!

On day 2 he had clearly watched us put up the tree last night so he decided he needed one of his own. He made this one from Lego's he found around the house! 

Day 3:  Bob Twinkles spent some time looking at the ads and circling some good deals.

Day 4:  It was my oldest son's 17th birthday and we found Bob hanging out in his room with a balloon and Happy Birthday wishes.  How sweet!

Day 5:  Bob made a candy cane swing.  Guess he saw how much fun the little's have on theirs.

Day 6:  Oh boy.  Looks like Bob got himself into a jam in the cupboard!  Stuck in a cup....Yikes!

Day 7:  Bob brought a little yearbook full of pictures from last years elf fun! He was originally supposed to bring this on day 1 but he was a bit lazy to get it started.  ;)

For week 2 of our elf fun check here: Elf on the Shelf 2013 week 2

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