Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hollywood Baby Shower Wrap-Up!

I hacked into Veronica's blog so I could tell you more about the shower! This was such a fun party to put together! I absolutely loved how it all came together...and more importantly Mommy-to-be loved it too!

Morgan, the Mommy-to-be loves hollywood so the shower theme was obvious! She's expecting a boy so we rolled out the blue carpet...literally! Adding blue to the glitzy gold, red, and black made for a perfect glam blend.

I have to admit...I'm addicted to Pinterest. So some of the party decorations may look familiar. I did find some of the ideas there...but I created some of them myself! And, I bought most of the supplies at the dollar store!

1. Backdrop: A DIY Photo booth & Backdrop made out of PVC pipes! My dear friend Gina at Thrift Town created this a few months back for Good Day Sacramento. It's super easy to put together. I've used it for so many parties!
  To cover it up--plastic tablecloths from the dollar store, taped to the ribbon to gather the red "curtains"...the gold tassles were a fun and cheap embellishment I picked up -- for less than $2 each -- at Joann's.

2. Hollywood Star: this is one of my favorite pieces! I wanted this to be BIG...really BIG so I used the cricut to cut 5 different triangles -- in shiny blue and gold -- then put them together to create the star. I used an extra piece of blue to fill in the middle. The letters and baby image came from the cricut too. I glued the star to black poster board from the dollar store then tied it to the PVC pipe using ribbon.

3. Red Ropes: I wanted red sanctions to line my blue carpet, but they are so expensive! For weeks I searched for a way to do it myself and found nothing. Then one day as I'm walking through the patio I glance over and see a pool noodle on the table -- BAM! It hit me -- pool noodles covered with red table clothes!
I bought noodles and table cloths at the dollar store. I threaded gold string (joann's) through the noodle to hang to tie to the PVC pipe. For the ropes outside -- I randomly found shepherd hooks on clearance at Joann's for $1.80!! I bought 4 and used those on the front walkway. Blue carpet = felt...$2/yd at Joann's.

This table turned out FABULOUS!! I was so happy with it! My dear friends Lisa and Lori did such an awesome job putting it all together! I made all the pieces...but they put the puzzle together!

1. DIRECTOR SLATE: this was super easy -- black poster board from the dollar store and white duct tape! I used the cricut to cut out the letters and chalk for the written details.

2. MOVIE CAMERA: I taped black scrapbook paper to a wipes box and spray-painted a styrofoam piece from the dollar store for the lens. For the the movie reels -- 2 styrofoam wreaths from the dollar store,  covered with blue and black scrapbook paper, blue duct tape around the wreath . I used the cricut to cut the circles in black paper and make a gold star for the side.

3. MARQUEE LETTER 'C'...IN HONOR OF BABY CRUZ: I saw this all over pinterest! I really wanted to use lights, but opted for the less expensive DIY from Fiskars.

4. DIAPER REELS: Instead of a cake...a diaper reel! I rolled up the diapers and held them together with a rubberband. I used 2 bags of newborn diapers for all 3 reels. I wrapped blue duct tape around the diapers...then taped blue and black scrapbook paper to the top and bottom. Again, I used my cricut to make all the circles.

5. CHANDELIER: Loved how this turned out! Super easy and cheap! Dollar store hula hoop spray painted gold and hung stars with string! I bought some of the stars at the dollar store...I also made some using the cricut ...just to give it a little variety! I strung the stars like garland...I hole punched the top and bottom of the stars ...threaded the gold string and tied it to the hula hoop.

6. BABY BOTTLE OSCARS: Veronica actually saw this on pinterest! I love it!! Super cute and easy!
My daughter is past the bottle so I found 4 old bottles, spray-painted them gold then hot-glued them to a small circular styrofoam...spray-painted black.

I do all my printable shopping at Lil' Party Animals . Veronica did such an awesome job with all the labels and signage! I love the glitzy SWAG sign!

This was a summer shower and on this particular day temperatures hit 100+ degrees so we wanted food to be easy but fun and filling! My friend Lori suggested salads -- brilliant! We made 5 different salads and put them in jars -- as seen on Pinterest -- and it was a total hit!

I think that's it! This shower was a success because of my awesomely creative team -- Team Cray Cray. Thank you!
Thank you for letting me share!

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