Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Superb Superhero Party

So I am waaaaay  behind at posting pics from this years special parties!  This one was this past January.  I love love love this theme!  My friend threw this party for her little guys 3rd birthday and I happily made the printable and provided moral support.  :) They made a hall of Justice and had superhero training.

 Lisa gather boxes upon boxes to create her mini Gotham city!

 Capes for all the little super guests!  4 months later and my little's are still wearing them all the time!
 And her are my said littles!!  Batman and Superbaby! 
And my Bigs who so graciously volunteered to be villains for the day.  Which meant every child there had a blast chasing them around. 

 The cake area was spectacular!!!  
 I love how these cupcake toppers came out!  BAM!
 Matty with his mask on.  I made this the night before.  

I have all of these printables available at my shop Lil Party Animals   The version that is for sale does not include the hero logos as seen above due to copyrights.  

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