Monday, March 4, 2013

Our Easter Play date 2013

We gathered our friends for an early Easter playdate this weekend and the day was perfection!  It was a beautiful 73 degrees too!  Of course, I decked the house out with printables for the occasion.  Here's the banner:

I saw this idea on pinterest and was obsessed!  Bread shaped like carrots and stuffed with chicken salad.  I had never made bread before but in order to achieve this look, I just had to go for it!  it turned out really well   and I will  for sure be making it again.  It was sooooo yummers!

I'm calling this spring popcorn.  I used purple wilton melts and easter sprinkles to fancy up this delicious snack.

 I reused the bottles from our safari party for this get together too.

 Cupcakes, extra candy and birds nests to snack on.

 Our craft table.  The kids made bunnies and easter eggs.
 My little man eating his lunch

 My little guy Drew making his cheeser face!  :)
 I made this banner out of paint samples from home depot.
 baby brother kisses... so super sweet!
 I had a mold from years and years ago so I decided to make these bunny candies for our guests.

 Bunny Brew...Strawberry Soda really. :)

A closer look at these adorable "carrot" napkins
 E.J. made a couple of these giant peeps to have around the yard

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  1. Have just encountered your page and I guess you should be complimented for this piece. More power to you!