Sunday, May 13, 2012

Open for buisness!!!

 So I am finally open officially open for buisness!!  Last night I set up my first party collection up for sale.  I made it for my son Aaron who will be 13 in just a few short weeks.  Here it is:

I am so proud of this collection!  I love the vibrant citrus tones and the water graphics are exactly how I invisioned them.  It's perfect for kids of any age or even adults! The entire collection can be purchased now through my etsy shop which can be found here:  It can be bought as a package or a la carte.

Now that I have launched, I plan on adding new parties to my shop at least once a month.  I'm already working on adding 3 more themes this week and have 2 in mind for next month.  I am so excited to see Lil Party Animals become a reality!!
Look for more ideas soon for making the Splashdown party a huge success!

I want to send my deepest thanks to my wonderful group of friends and family who have always asked when I would finally do this.  The day is here!  I can only say that i would have never done this with out you!  Let the party begin!

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